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Entrepreneur Girl Talk serves as a community based online magazine. Among one of our major roles is to communicate news within the entrepreneur women community. Does your business have breaking news that you are actively sharing? Let us expand your outreach, share the news with our community members and visitors. Use our portal to promote the latest news on your business.

Your press release will be featured on our home page News for Women in Business carousel. We will also promote your press release via facebook, twitter, google + and Pinterest.

Submitting a press release is easy, read our press release submitting guidelines and complete the form below to be featured news on our website.

Press Release Submitting Guidelines:

* Press releases should be written in English and must relate to a woman owned business.

* Only standard press releases will be published. Any material deemed to be spam, pure advertisement or marketing material will not be published.

* Press release will be reviewed and publishing is not guaranteed.

* Proofread your press release before submission. Any content with spelling or grammatical errors will not be published.

Entrepreneur Girl Talk provides press release publishing as a free resource for the women entrepreneur community, we are not responsible for any content, services or accuracy of press releases that are submitted and/or published.

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